Since we first conceptualized SPP, we knew that giving back to children in our community would be a top priority. With experience in and fond memories of organizing charitable events and participating in projects with other organizations, we have cultivated a strong passion for assisting underprivileged children. While we do plan to provide donated parties to groups of children, it is our goal to also reach far beyond that my partnering with organizations in Houston.

Starting in October, we will be launching our first year of participation in BEAResource for CPS Kids, a phenomenal project that provides toys at Christmas for children in CPS custody throughout Houston. What makes this project unique is that not only are they bringing the joy and spirit of Christmas to these precious children, but they are giving them items that they have requested through their caseworker.

Throughout the months of October and November, we will donate 15% of our net earnings towards this project to go towards the purchase of gifts for children in the program. To learn more about this amazing program, visit their website at

Please check back for updates as we find and seek out new ways to give back to children in Houston! If you would like to participate in our efforts or would like to share information about organizations you support that benefit children, please contact Tiffany or Lisa at